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I am photographer born and raised in Austria. Photography always fascinated me, especially capturing magical moments.

Soon it became more of a passion for me and most of the time I would photograph babies and children because they’d never pose and it would allow me to truly capture the moment. They never tried to look good in front of the camera! I’ve always loved capturing their personalities on film.

During my time at the Academy for Photography in Graz (Austria), I discovered other areas of photography that also interested me. That was when FASHION became my new FAVOURITE . I was one of the Award winners of the Academy of Photography in 2008.

In 2010 I decided to do an internship program in LA and I had a great opportunity to gain a lot of experience within fashion photography  as well as in the entertainment industry. 
Before I knew it I was shooting at runwacshows  in Europe like Mercedez Benz Fashionweek, and London Fashionweek as well as  New York Fashion Week.



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